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Managment Enterprise

Offering a wide and varied array of next generation products, services, and management design applications.  Please check back soon!
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We value all your input while we are in the middle of our messy construction.  Please take a moment to fill out the for below if you have an idea, product, and/or service you have been looking for that Next Generation approach to distributing.

Sunflower Tower Industries is located in the heart of silicone slopes; Orem, Utah.  It is proudly locally owned and operated by a native born Utah’n and United States Marine.  Oorah!

It was created by the inspiration of a sunflower that seemed to stand against everything, proudly smiling at the sun.  It was the most beautiful thing to have seen and this sunflower has been a driving force behind every move towards this delivery of the next generation, today.

Sunflower Tower Industries is proud to support equality in all measures.  From gender equality to racial equality to marriage equality.  We are all here to work together for a brighter tomorrow.  Sunflower Tower Industries maintains its pledge to donating to groups that are making next generation steps to deliver this equality today, to everyone everywhere.. expand your bubble.

Sunflower Tower Industries - To Stand Tall And Be Brilliant At Every Point!